I hate the “New Year, New Me” phrase. Why do we have to come up with a totally new version of ourselves? What if the 2018 version wasn’t half bad?! ⁣

LOVE YOURSELF (flaws & all y’all) in 2019! ✋ Stop that negative “I’m not enough” mindset that needs a “new you”. You are PLENTY! ⁣

Of course it’s always a good to make tweaks, but did Steve Jobs throw out the iPhone after the first year and build something totally new? Of course not! He just came out with updates tweaking his masterpiece along the way. YOU ARE THAT MASTERPIECE! ⁣

Improve & tweak - heck ya! Replace?! Don’t even think about it. 😘🙌🏼💪🏼 You got this! 👊🏼

Abby Downing