I get asked a lot about meetings (I go on A LOT of them) and what’s the secret to having a great meeting with someone. Especially if you’re nervous or interviewing or it’s a big client or a potential investor... I have one secret sentence that works every time without fail. ⁣

How can I help YOU?! ⁣

🎉 Celebrate now because it’s as simple as that. Change your mindset. YOU have strengths to share, people to connect, resources to tap into. Think not about what you can GET from this meeting but what you can GIVE to it! ⁣

Give, give, give & then watch as your seeds of giving grow into big beautiful flowers! It seems simple but the fastest way to get what you want is to help others achieve their goals right alongside you! 🙌🏼💪🏼

Abby Downing